The Awareness Show is a new and an exciting talk show series created and filmed in Canada to highlight the lives and experiences of Africans throughout the diaspora with an emphasis on Africans living in Canada. We began with the desire to show the best, the brightest and the most intriguing personalities and topics.
We focus on controversial issues and lifestyle concerns that are unique to our demographic which reaches across continents and our ability to bring exciting news and cultural updates from an African perspective. Currently, there are no series or programs made in Canada that target and speak to the African community the way we do.

Target Demographic

Africans and Afro-Caribbean. In recent years the African population in Canada has risen to approximately 3%. There are nearly 1 million Africans in Canada with over 500,000 living in Toronto alone.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a leading authority on the lifestyle concerns of Africans throughout the Diaspora and the go-to for entertainment and insightful information. Our Voices and opinions are credible, inspirational and compelling as our hosts are Canadians of African descent.


The Awareness Show was created in October of 2014 by a Nigerian born, Joan Amanfoh. Joan, holds degree in Law and society and in philosophy from York University and also earned an Honour Diploma in Paralegal and social work from Seneca Collage.

In 2006, Joan started a Non for profit Organization Company called Kemako Community Boarding House Inc., a company that offers new immigrant and abused women and their children with temporary accommodation when they first leave their abusive relationship. Joan specialize in teaching women to recognize inappropriate behavior, make informed choices to protect themselves, and help them to flee from abusive marriage/ relationship to a safer environment.

Also she offer them free legal services, one-on-one counseling, fresh perspectives and principles based on proven strategies that help move them from where they were to where they want to be. She organizes seminars all year long integrating new immigrant into the society and empowering women to step out of their comfort zone and make a difference in their lives, whether it means going back to school, start a small business or simply giving them the tools to find that great job they never thought they deserve or can get.

Joan is a motivational speaker who has spoken at schools, conferences, parties and seminars. As she goes about doing her public speaking she soon realized that people are better aware of their surrounding and community, lives are transformed, more relatable and better connection are made when each other’s stories are shared; thus, The Awareness Show was born to extend these stories to a larger target audience.



Co-Host Eugenia Asiamah has a background in Theatre, Media and Sociology. She is the perfect match for Joan.


Guest Co-Host Silver Chimoa is biotechnologist who founded her line of skincare products, 'A Touch of Silver'


Guest Co-Host Founder and Executive Director of André Nicole inc. Nikki is an accomplished writer, teacher and motivational coach speaker.


Associate Producer , Lorraine is a former guest author who spoke about her book "When Family Does You Wrong". As a relationship expert, Lorraine offers her opinion on a variety of topics. Her contribution to TAS comes as she scours the Toronto Metro area, Canada and the US for guests with interesting stories and backgrounds. In her other life, Lorraine is The Ultimate Life Coach. Find out more at www.lorrainespencer.com


Special Adviser , Yvette is a New York City based magazine publisher of My Beautiful Life Magazine, which caters to the lifestyle of women around the globe. Yvette was instrumental in assisting executive producer and host Joan Amanfoh in shaping the show direction, design, promotion and tech issues. Yvette is an executive Jill of all trades, as she also runs a business as a real estate broker and software engineer. Find out more about Yvette at www.mybeautifullife.me.



The Awareness Show is a new and an exciting talk show series created and filmed in Canada to highlight the lives and experiences of Africans throughout the diaspora with an emphasis on Africans living in Canada.

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