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September 2, 2015
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October 2, 2015

‘Only In The 6ix’


On this episode of The Awareness Show our lead host sat with four of the six cast members of a reality show called “Only in the 6ix” to set the record straight about the so many misconception people have of the show.

Only in the 6ix; is a highly anticipated Canadian reality television series. The first episode of the series has not debuted yet, however the name and the trailer that was released in June 2015 has caused a lot of controversies. The trailer received over 40,000 viewers in its first four days of released. The imagery attracted huge negative responses from Canadians who claims the show is a bad representation of Torontonians. The show chronicles the lives of four women and two men in Toronto who are involved with hip hop, Stripers, escort and so on.

We should endeavor to encourage and support one of our own; a black Canadian reality show. No, the show might not be squeaky clean, but it is not an eye sore in the Canadian tapestry either. All the reality shows we watch on TV are made in U.S. A. We should be thankful we have our own reality show that represent certain lives of we Torontonian, black Torontonian, the Real Black People of Toronto.

Contrary to popular belief, there are “real” black people in Toronto who are not prestigious, prominent or progressive.” To acknowledge their “reality” does not mean that we are they, nor that they are we, it does not even mean it is the only representation of Torontonians, it simply means understands that these people too, do in fact exist, they matter and they are part of Torontonians.

We Asked Mr. little, one of the cast members during our interview how he felt about the negative response from vast majority of people who watched the trailer? He said, “I could not believe how many people spent time writing negative messages when they have not seen one episode of the reality show yet; people judging us and the show based on trailer alone is absolutely wrong”
We could not agree with you more Mr. Little.

Let’s be clear: we are not in any way in support of bad imagery and bad life style. It’s extremely difficult to see our sisters and brothers pimp themselves for a dollar and a street dream. We are against any woman acting as if she was raised by she-wolves, but they come in all colors — not just black – and we are even more against suppression of expression

While the negative imagery concerns us greatly, we are much more concerned with why black women are always judged by a few and women of the “dominant” culture are granted autonomy. We are saying know why people do what they do before judging them, if at all you think you have the right to judge any one.

This time and era of Canadian’s history and heritage is rich with characters and stories that we could not fully explore in an hour film or 30 minutes talk shows. A television series allows us the time and creative freedom to bring this colorful world to life.

We are excited in having the cast on the show telling us their real stories and what we should expect in the show. The interview is coming soon. Click here to watch the official trailer of the reality and let us know your thought after you have watched the trailer.



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